“Back in my day…”
“Here we go again.”
“Shut it, kid.”
“You Gen Xers always seem to get a pass.”
“I said shut it.”
“Fine, O wise Elder Gen Xer, share thine wisdom.”
“You’re the one who asked for it.”
“Okay, true.”
“When I was a kid, the only Windows were the ones you looked out of, and the only Macs were long coats.”
“Dark ages.”
“I studied operating systems while command line was the default.”
“Get to the point old man.”
“You’re the one who requested my wisdom.”

One hour later

“And that’s why Windows is the superior OS.”
“Finally. Thank you.”
“No problem, kid.”
“So, you’ll buy me that Windows laptop?”
“As long as you wash my windows for the next year.”

28 July 2023


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