“It’s easy to make kids laugh, but you gotta be careful,” I said. She looked at me, a little bemused.
“Well, for a kid,” I continued, “seeing a grown person in a clown costume walking into a door is funny, but walking into a door is painful if you do it right.”
“So, uh,” she said, “you do it wrong?”
“Either that, or get a black eye under your makeup,” I laughed. I then explained that you have to stamp your foot a little to give the sound effect of the impact, without hitting the door so hard.
“A lot more goes into being a clown than I thought,” she said.
“In the end, people laugh,” I shrugged. “That makes it worth it.”
“When I said I wanted a man who would make me laugh,” she smiled, “I didn’t expect to be matched with a clown.”
“I didn’t expect a lawyer to be so interested in the mechanics of clowning,” I laughed.

That’s how I met your mother.

22 July 2023


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