Plus One!

I’m loving Google+!

So far, it seems very friendly, easy to use, and has many cool people!

But a lot of people are comparing it to Google Wave, and these comparisons don’t apply because of one thing: Google Wave was supposed to be an email replacement, not a social network. The fact that people used it as a social network is one of the reasons for its failure, Expectations of the user base diverted from the initial project goal: to redesign email from the ground up.

To count Wave as a failure as a social networking platform is to count Word as a failure as a spreadsheet application.

Just sayin’



  1. So this is ‘Plus 1’ eh.. Looks clean like you would expect from our friends at Goo.. maybe I’ll poke around and start one to add to all the udder things I don’t have time for.

    Thanks for the peek my friend.


      • Very neat indeed.. love the ultra clean look. I see they are targeting smart phone users and I can understand that in this day an age.

        I gave back my Blackberry :>( to the company when I retired last year and there is NO international plan that works for me living in the States and here for 6 months each so I have to keep two cheap cells just to keep in touch.. I real pain cause I would love to have my BB back.

        I asked for an invite so I guess it’s just wait and see for me.. They might move me up as I do have a G-mail account.

        Thanks again for the link.

  2. THANK YOU! I can’t stand how everyone keeps saying that Google Wave was Google’s biggest failed social network attempt! It wasn’t a social network at all nor did they ever hope it to be one! A lot of it is TechCrunch’s fault for continuously reporting it that way.

  3. I use Google+ time to time and it is really nice. The problem is, nobody I know of uses it. Most of them have an account but they don’t share any content. Because they’re doing it on Facebook right now, and they don’t see a reason to change their habits.

    • Hi, Jedilost!

      I’ve taken to Google Plus mainly because of all the new people I’ve met there! There are some very good, and very active folk, and if you need some recommendations, look me up there! should take you to my profile 😀


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