24 November, 2010 Blog, Opinion

You are beautiful.

You may not know it, and you may not feel it.
You may feel as if there is something wrong with you; something that stops you from being beautiful.
But you have forgotten something.
You’ve forgotten that to someone, you’re the most beautiful person in the world
And that won’t change, no matter how pretty you think you need to be.

You are beautiful.

But I am saddened.
It isn’t just that I can’t convince you of it.
Or that you deny it.
It’s that everything you see is geared to make you feel that way.
Every little bit of marketing in the beauty industry is aimed to tell you that you aren’t beautiful… Unless, of course, you buy their product or service.

The marketing machine is geared to sell products that are designed to do one or more of the below:
Make you money
Save you money
Make you look good
Make you feel good

Nothing can promise to make you look or feel good without telling you that you don’t look or feel good enough.

That will not change. No matter how unhealthy the last two are when it comes to the beauty industry, they work. They help companies sell products, and make money.

But you are beautiful already.

Ultimately, What do I know… I’m just a guy, admiring you…

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